Flourishing from the capacity building programme, 8 are the artistic interventions that will take place in health and care venues in Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Romania and Sweden.

From May 2024 to May 2025, artists that have won the call to action will be working together with patients and healthcare professionals.


The first two to open the pilot action phase have been “Aqui Contigo – Sound as Last Lap” in Pombal (Portugal) and Critical thinking & citizen’s education for children and teenagers” in Cluj-Napoca (Romania).

Let’s see them up close:

Aqui Contigo – Sound as Last Lap

Aqui Contigo is a project created by SAMP – Sociedade Artística Musical dos Pousos, a Public Utility Institution founded in 1873 which played an important role at regional, national and international level, whether due to the significant number of professional artists that have emerged from it or due to the innovation and quality of some of its programs and projects. Among all SAMP activity, its Artistic Education project dedicated to early childhood stands out, especially the strong social intervention of its programs developing within the scope of the therapeutic effects of the Arts.

In this sense, the project Aqui Contigo was born in 2015, being a program dedicated to people at the end of their lives and their families and caregivers. In a society that often abandons and forgets those who are dying, it is necessary to create contexts that enrich this precious and unique experience for the person and their closest circle of relationships. The Arts, as observed throughout human history, can play a vital role here, as the short history of this SAMP project demonstrates.

After years of experience, SAMP decided to present this type of project for the Municipality of Pombal, welfare partner of the PerFare partner Artemrede.


Intervention model

The Music Therapist intends, with family members and caregivers, to facilitate family support in the painful process and help in the grieving process.

During the last moments of life, in their homes or in institutions (hospitals, nursing homes or palliative care units), two music professionals work together with families to tell the sound story of each person in their terminal phase. This is done through the creation of a personal work that transfors an intimate and lonely moment into a moment of unity and communion, alleviating suffering in the final moments of their life and helping the person to free themselves spiritually.


Critical thinking & citizen’s education for children and teenagers

From the success of Social Fiber Association‘s program “Critical thinking & citizen’s education for teenagers” living in Pata Rât, the association has come to the conclusion that younger children would also have a desire to participate in such activities.
Thus, after they started the weekly activities last year in September, they soon realised that a new programme for a younger audience was needed. This led to the new initiative designed for children, aged between 3-11, with weekly workshops in animation, music and philosophy.
Within Social Fibers, there are volunteers and social professionals that constantly work together to promote long-term activities for children coming from vulnerable groups.
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