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This 5 calls for action, one for each country involved, are launched to fund artistic interventions that involve audience groups composed of the local populations targeted by the project PERFARE.

PERFARE (2022-2025) is a project co-funded by the Creative Europe Culture Programme, which intends to enhance the cooperation between the cultural and the welfare sector, by creating innovative models for artistic interventions supporting people with physical or mental health issues.
The main aims of PERFARE are to facilitate the access to performing art experiences for audience groups with health and social related issues and to innovate the partner organisations’ creative models in order to make health&wellbeing services an integral part of their artistic work.
To this end, PERFARE partners Consorzio Marche Spettacolo (IT), Pro Progressione (HU), Artemrede (PT), Foundation AltArt (RO) and City of Malmรถ – City Archives (SE) set up cooperation agreement with local welfare stakeholders to fund one or more pilot artistic interventions that will test how perfoming arts can support people with physical and/or mental health conditions.
  1. This application will remain open until 17th November 2023.
  2. The selection of the winning proposal will happen between DECEMBER 2023 and APRIL 2024.
  3. The winning proposal will be implemented between MAY 2024 and MAY 2025.
The winning proposal will be communicated directly to the selected applicant not later than 2 months prior the suggested date of implementation, and anyway not later than APRIL 2024.
You should be an artist or cultural operator operating in the countries covered by the project (Italy, Hungary, Portugal, Romania, Sweden). Please send your application to your specific country of reference.
Please check each different call-to-action for country-specific eligibility criteria.
Please refer to the AWARD CRITERIA table to consult the criteria that will be followed to select the winning proposals.
Thank you in advance for your proposals!