On 27th and 28th May 2024, the last PerFare’s study visit took place in the city of Budapest, hosted by the partner Pro Progressione.

The programme was filled with candid moments of artists and socially-engaged professionals that shared their passionate work towards an inclusive and participative way to implement and promote culture and arts.

Three were the most relevant visits that the partners paid to:

  • The project ArtRAVALÓ (“ART FOR TAKEAWAY”), a socio-art project of Subjective Values Foundation and Faktor Terminál Association that from September to May engage young adults (18-24 years) raised in state care in a complete programme aimed at fostering personal development, economic and financial skills, and all practical abilities that are needed to be break the barriers and become an active part of society. Theatre and performing arts are included in the programme as a catalist of motivation ad soft skills development: youths work on a theatre production and drama workshops together, including music and dancing.

    „We believe that self-directed creative artistic activity, literature, poetry, music, acting and community experience all help us to understand ourselves and the world around us.”

  • EMMA Association, a national women’s organization which works for the fundamental rights and societal equality of women, paying special attention to gender-based oppression and violence against women during the childbearing and childrearing period. Specifically, their project MARA has a strong positive outcome: to empower Roma women and assist them through their maternity journey in hospitals, where they often end up in traumatic experiences of carelessness, verbal and physical violence, they trained members of the communities as Community DOULAs. After involving these figures, they noticed that Roma women started trusting giving birth again. Moreover, the community doulas can give support in contraception and abortion.

  • The MáSzínház community, made up of children and adults with intellectual disabilities and atypical development, volunteer helpers and theatre professionals. In their work, the educational process that precedes the performance is as important as the performance itself.


During the Networking Café, the partnership also got the chance to meet associations like:


With this last study visit, Perfare’s capacity building programme officially ends. Partners have treasured the programme from the very beginning and they are now working towards the implementation of the pilot actions.


More infos on the pilot actions are coming soon!

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