In PERFARE, a multi-level consortium composed by creative and cultural organizations coming from Italy, Hungary, Portugal, Romania and Sweden will make the most out of each partner’s expertise and join forces to the achievement of the project’s objectives.


Consorzio Marche Spettacolo (CMS) gathers the main legal subjects working in the field of performing arts in the Italian region Marche. The aims of CMS are based on two main priorities: 1. Cost rationalization and optimization; 2. Identification and development of common policies, promotion of synergies and exchanges, studies and research, regional and European funding opportunities, and more. All the entities involved in the production, distribution, promotion and development of performing arts in the Marche region can become an associate member, which makes CMS a unique reality of its kind in Italy. Nowadays, CMS has more than 50 associated entities, among which many of the most important opera foundations, cultural associations and performing arts collectives in the regional territory.


WELCOME A.p.s. is a not-for-profit association having the aim to stimulate transnational cooperation, to strengthen public and private partnership in Europe and to foster excellence, innovation and quality in all the activities related to human capital development. WELCOME A.p.s. is an official Training Provider recognised by the Marche Regional Authority and it has a very reliable experience in designing, coordinating, managing, monitoring and evaluating European mobility projects or formal and non-formal training experiences for learners and staff.


Pro Progressione is a Budapest-based artistic hub that connects people, professions and ambitions by designing international collaborations in the field of culture. Pro Progressione focuses its capacities on the fields where it aims to have a positive long-term impact. Thus, Pro Progressione is built up on four main pillars: PP Social, PP Cult, PP Arts and PP Sound. They are active in the field of socially engaged arts, cultural & natural heritage interpretation, music as tradition and the productions of unique performances. Their innovative team disposes of a large scale of professional competences and creativity, with each member being personally engaged with arts and culture. Pro Progressione’s overall objective is to create an international network of artists, institutions and audiences by helping the communities to find their path towards arts.


Artemrede is a non-profit cultural association whose mission is to promote the qualification and development of the territories where it operates, valuing the central role of theaters and other cultural spaces as dynamizing and promoting poles of the arts and citizenship.
Since its creation, Artemrede functions as a creator of bridges between disparate realities and different views of the world, but with common objectives of cultural development of territories and populations.
Nowadays, Artemrede has 18 associates: the municipalities of Abrantes, Alcanena, Alcobaça, Almada, Barreiro, Lisbon, Moita, Montemor-o-Novo, Montijo, Oeiras, Palmela, Pombal, Santarém, Sesimbra, Sobral de Monte Agraço, Tomar and Torres Vedras, and RUMO, the Social Solidarity Cooperative.


AltArt contributes to promoting the impact of culture on societal development through field work, research, networking and policy work. AltArt projects involve community work, interventions in public space, interactive platforms, mixed reality events exploring new cultural dimensions through the use of new technologies, workshops, urban labs, etc. AltArt’s work deals with topics such as empowerment, public space, urban regeneration, identity and social relations in the digital age and active citizenship. AltArt aims to generate a critical discourse on democratic values and empowerment and carries out projects like ACT Democ(k)racy, Artizen, Create to Connect and Pata-Cluj (addressing the social inclusion of Roma through culture). AltArt is a founding member of the Fabrica de Pensule/Paintbrush Factory Federation (an independent collective space for contemporary arts) and is active in European initiatives such as Balkan Express and A Soul for Europe.


The City of Malmö has high ambitions to create a city that is both socially and environmentally sustainable. About 500 employees work together at the Department of Culture to fulfill the vision of 350,000 cultural experiences every day. The concept “Culture for the elderly” is a developmental and collaborative work between welfare and culture administrations, with the mission to coordinate and make available a wide, qualitative, cultural offering for the elderly population in the city of Malmö. “Culture for the elderly” offers activities where the elderly both consume and co-create. To make this possible, collaborations with cultural institutions are developed and continuously developing, such as with Malmö’s museums, cultural schools, opera venues and other cultural institutions around the city.