During the first project period, the PERFARE partnership has connected with the local welfare stakeholders to find their “perfect match” to collaborate with in the creation of the local synergies that will generate the PERFARE pilot actions.

From 1 to up to 4 local connections, each partner has successfully found a welfare organization willing to experiment with artistic interventions in their daily work and to investigate the beneficial “contamination” of Culture&Health practices.

Every connection will result into one artistic intervention, which will be selected among the proposals received via the CALL FOR ACTION launched on 14th September and closing on 17th November 2023.



Consorzio Marche Spettacolo is collaborating with Associazione Piombini Sensini (located in Macerata) and with Associazione Un Battito di Ali (located in Jesi and operating in the Ancona Torrette Hospital).

Associazione Piombini Sensini‘s services are aimed at minors and adults who experience situations of personal or family difficulty, social marginalization and psychophysical suffering. The Association’s activities are aimed at improving the quality of life and developing the autonomy of the weakest and most disadvantaged people; the provision of various services is a response to the personal and relational needs of daily life, allowing the valorization of rights and resources of each individual.

Associazione Un Battito di Ali is a secular and independent association with the aim of promoting and supporting projects and initiatives of the SOD Cardiac Surgery and Pediatric and Congenital Cardiology c/o Ospedali Riuniti of Ancona.

Thus, for Italy, 2 local artistic interventions will be developed.



As a network of municipalities, Artemrede has connected the Municipality of Pombal and the Municipality of Lisbon with 4 realities operating in the welfare system.

The Municipality of Pombal will be supporting one artistic intervention together with Leiria Hospital Center – District Hospital of Pombal.

The Municipality of Lisbon will be collaborating with Alzheimer Portugal (Private Social Solidarity Institution and Patients’ Association), Boa Vizinhança Santo António (Cultural Solidarity Network between Neighbors) and Centro Social Paroquial de São Jorge de Arroios (Non-profit Private Institution of Social Solidarity), bringing 3 artistic interventions to life in Lisbon and its surroundings.



The AltArt Foundation will be supporting the creation of one artistic intervention together with Fundația Română pentru Copii – Comunitate și Familie, one of the most important non-governmental organizations focused on child protection in Romania, helping children that are living in poverty and providing support to their families and communities.



ProProgressione chose to collaborate with EMMA Közhasznú Egyesület and Vázsonyi Vilmos Idősek Otthona to develop 2 artistic interventions in Hungary.

The EMMA Association is a national women’s organization, which works for the fundamental rights and societal equality of women, paying special attention to gender-based oppression and violence against women during the childbearing and childrearing period.

Vázsonyi Vilmos Idősek Otthona is an elderly home whose main goal is to provide safe, balanced, peaceful living conditions, personalized care and care for all their residents by providing the necessary services.



Finally, Malmö City Archives have partnered up with the Health, Care and Welfare Department of Malmö to bring the artistic intervention in one or two of the total 38 elderly homes located in the city of Malmö, with a focus on participation, creation and social inclusion.


What will be the selected artistic interventions?

The rounds of selections will end by April 2024. Bear with us to get to know the winners!


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